Akka 2.2-M3 Released

Dear hAkkers,

we—the Akka committers—are pleased to announce the THIRD PRE-RELEASE MILESTONE of Akka 2.2 “Coltrane”. As discussed earlier this is to be the final and feature-complete milestone, so please take a good look and give feedback. We will gladly fix all rough edges you report while we will thoroughly test and benchmark and if necessary improve the current state of the toolkit. We do this so that we can then confidently proclaim the first release candidate in a few weeks.

What’s New?

  • Reliable delivery of system messages, meaning that remote DeathWatch and remote deployment now work properly even if the network fails (DeathWatch worked already for the cluster case)

  • Failure and DeathWatch communication is reliable (technically the corresponding messages became a system messages to profit from reliable delivery); failure signaling semantics changed such that the supervisor strategy may be invoked earlier than in previous versions (the Failed message “jumps the queue”)

  • The generation of the Terminated message has been made more intuitive: you will no longer receive it after having unwatched the actor in question; also DeathPactException now leads to Stop instead of Restart in the defaultStrategy

  • Mailboxes can now be configured separately from dispatchers, either from Props or from deployment configuration section, for example this means that it is easier to use the stashing mailbox

  • Cluster nodes cannot rejoin a cluster, UIDs have been introduced to prevent communication with systems which were removed from the cluster

  • ActorRefs now refer to a specific actor incarnation at a path; if you create a new actor at the same path then old ActorRefs will not send to it (this used to be the case only locally, hence we removed the difference in semantics observed with remoting); this change means that actorFor() needed to be deprecated in favor of actorSelection() which has been brought up to speed wrt. remote look-ups

  • The IO layer learned SSL and WriteFile for TCP, names have been cleaned up for UDP, spray-io’s pipelines have been incorporated, complete samples including ACK- and NACK-based back-pressure have been added and more documentation updates will be coming

  • Props have been restructured to not rely on closures internally but only on Class[_] and arrays of (serializable) arguments; this has been done to avoid closing over actor internal state or other non-serializable data; consequently the closure-taking Props(new Actor …) and the UntypedActorFactory have been deprecated (in the Java case this usually even saves a few lines of code on your end); there will be a more detailed blog post on this soon

  • Lots of little fixes and hardening, especially of the cluster code

  • Cluster-aware distributed Pub-Sub module and external cluster client

This is a lot and should probably justify the time it took since the last milestone which was released exactly one month ago.

What’s in the Pipeline?

Besides testing and benchmarking there are some things we need to clean up internally before calling it a final, and we also want to comb through especially the JavaDoc since that is just a machine translation of the ScalaDoc and does not everywhere look as complete as it could.

Release Details

When migrating an existing project from Akka 2.1.2 please have a look at our migration guide: http://doc.akka.io/docs/akka/2.2-M3/project/migration-guide-2.1.x-2.2.x.html

v2.2-M2 compared to Akka v2.2-M3:

* 84 tickets closed, see the assembla milesone

* 553 files changed, 32738 insertions(+), 15684 deletions(-)

* 637 pages of docs vs 489 in v2.2-M2

* … and a total of 10 committers!

Special thanks go to Christophe and Raman for their contribution of an OSGi sample application, and to Mathias and Johannes of spray.io for their continued work on the IO layer.

Akka is released under the Apache V2 license.


commits added removed
   20    6439    2396 Patrik Nordwall
   13    4035    2077 Viktor Klang
   10    7806    2061 Roland
    8    1781     341 Björn Antonsson
    8    5586    3101 Endre Sándor Varga
    8     265      93 Johannes Rudolph
    4      40      22 Mathias
    3    1212     490 Raman Gupta
    3    1336     240 Christophe Pache
    1     129      23 Rich Dougherty

Take it for a spin! Happy hAkking!

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