Release Status Update for Akka 2.2 “Coltrane”

Dear hAkkers,

the end of the first quarter of 2013 is drawing close and many of you are looking forward to the release of “Coltrane” a.k.a. Akka 2.2. The main new feature in this release will be cluster support without the“experimental” tag. We have received some encouraging feedback for the cluster preview shipped withAkka 2.1 and have been developing a few things on top of it ourselves, which has led us to replace and/or polish some parts (the new actor-based remoting comes to mind as well as improving the formulation of the core ActorCell to keep it well-oiled and maintainable) and has also highlighted a few warts which need to be removed. The latter include making the internal parent–child communication reliable in all cases—which means for example changing the way how failure is signaled to the parent—and it also means bringing the life-cycle semantics of local and remote ActorRefs in sync (up to 2.1 a remote ActorRef would look up the current inhabitant of a name on the remote host for each message send, even if that actor terminated int he meantime and a new one was created with the same name).

We also discovered some missing features which would make a lot of sense on the Coltrane milestone, for example the ability to slice a cluster into multiple pieces with different roles, or fixing the message serialization protocol to support interoperability between different versions of Akka in the future. The precise details of how far the latter reaches remain to be determined. We could have placed these features on the next milestone—Rollins—but we felt that they are more urgently needed than the cluster name service.

All in all we have expanded the scope of Coltrane and also spent energy on removing technical debt before it accumulates, which leads to a delay in getting the release out. We will cut a new milestone next Monday which contains some of the aforementioned work, but it will take approximately until the first week of April until we can call Coltrane feature complete. At that point we will release another milestone so all the curious and adventurous among you can try it out in anger, which is also what we will then be doing: in order to deliver the best possible Coltrane release we will concentrate for a few weeks on giving it a thorough beating, writing more tests, running benchmark applications and so on. This will flush out bugs and help us identify and fix remaining usability issues, and we hope that you—our dear and helpful community—will lend a hand with this.

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