Akka 2.0.5 Released

Dear hAkkers,

We—the Akka committers—are pleased to be able to announce the availability of Akka 2.0.5. This version contains a number of small bug fixes, for the full list of tickets closed see below, the most notable ones are

  • allow null as reply from a TypedActor
  • properly set stateData when stopping FSM actor
  • rethrow impl in 2.0.4 yields ClassCastException for non RuntimeExceptions

Summary of Changes

2.0.5 is the result of a collaboration of 3 contributors and weighs in at 44 files changed, 180 insertions, 77 deletions.

Tickets closed

  • 2716 – spelling correction made in commit 4f4d77611b775e1da2db074afe740d350048c76d is not appearing on http://doc.akka.io/docs/akka/2.0.4/
  • 2778 - PinnedDispatcher threads have identical names
  • 2799 – allow null as reply from a TypedActor
  • 2815 – FSM: properly set stateData when stopping
  • 2817 – Wrong snapshot version in release-2.0
  • 2860 – Rethrow impl 2.0.4 yields CCE for non RuntimeExceptions

Useful Links

Akka Maven repository: http://repo.akka.io/releases

Akka binary distribution: http://akka.io/downloads

Akka 2.0.5 documentation: http://doc.akka.io/docs/akka/2.0.5/

Akka 2.0.5 API docs: http://doc.akka.io/api/akka/2.0.5/

Issue tracker: http://www.assembla.com/spaces/akka/

Akka mailing list: https://groups.google.com/group/akka-user

Akka is released under the Apache V2 license.

Happy Hakking!

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