2.1 Spotlight: Camel is Back

Thanks to excellent work by Raymond Roestenburg and Piotr Gabryanczyk the Akka module for Apache Camel is completely rewritten in Akka 2.1.

Camel is an open-source framework based on known Enterprise Integration Patterns and it is great for integrating Akka systems with other external systems. The Akka Camel module provides an easy to use bridge between actors and Camel endpoints.

The following example sends the data of incoming HTTP requests to an ActiveMQ queue and then consumes the messages from the queue in another actor.

You can run the example with these dependencies:

"com.typesafe.akka" % "akka-camel_2.10.0-RC2" % "2.1.0-RC2"
"org.apache.camel" % "camel-jetty" % "2.10.0"
"org.apache.activemq" % "activemq-camel" % "5.7.0"
"org.apache.activemq" % "activemq-core" % "5.7.0"

Read more in the docs for Scala or in the docs for Java.

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