Akka Summer of Blog

Hi hakkers. 

We happy to announce Akka Summer of Blog in which we challenge you to guest write an article for this blog (the letitcrash.com Akka team blog). 

The article should be about Akka 2.x, either Scala or Java API (or other JVM languages if you may like). It should be published latest the 30th of August 2012.

The best blog will be proclaimed winner and the author will be shipped a personalized black Akka team hoodie.

If you have code samples in the code then you have to sign the Akka CLA (Committers License Agreement), so it is possible for use to add the code samples to the Akka repository (if it would make sense).

You can post the articles directly on the blog by pressing the ‘SUBMIT’ button. Code samples are best displayed as embedded Gists. 

Hakk away. 

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