An Actor-based User Similarity Recommender

@nothergeek experiments with big data crunching using the Akka Toolkit while prototyping An Actor-based User Similarity Recommender

Case Study: WhitePages Rebuilds with Scala and Akka to Improve Scaling

A new case study about WhitePages’ rewrite to an Scala and Akka based system just came out. Our favourite quote is “Using Akka for one crucial, high-throughput service […] reduced the number of servers required from 60 to 5 with improvements to latency, stability, and consistency”.

Read the entire study here: Case Study: WhitePages rebuilds with Scala and Akka to improve scaling

Routers and load balancing for building scalable highly available apps revisited

Marek Prochera revisits Akka’s different router configurations and deployment patterns in his latest blog post: Building a scalable and highly available reactive applications with Akka! Load balancing revisited.

Typesafe podcasts

Typesafe has launched a new podcast channel:

Tune in to listen about designing akka powered reactive and scalable applications on your way to work (and not only :-))!

Akka turns 5!

Akka turns 5 this month! To celebrate, register for upcoming Akka Days webinar and hear some cool use cases:

Akka 2.3.4 Released - Major updates to Akka Persistence

We—the Akka committers—are pleased to be able to announce the availability of Akka 2.3.4. This release contains extensive changes to the experimental module Akka Persistence, see release notes.

Akka HTTP Preview

We are very excited to release the first preview of Akka HTTP’s core module based on an updated preview of Akka Streams. It is the fruit of the collaboration between the Spray and Akka teams and aims to bring you fully reactive HTTP streams.

Please see the announcement for more details.