Do’s and Dont’s When Deploying Akka in Production

Great checklist, by Michael Nash, of things to consider when you’re asking yourself “are we ready?”

Spot-on Introduction to Akka and Actors

Akka Notes - Introducing Actors by Arun Manivannan is an excellent read for new Akka users.

Treat Actors like People. People who don’t talk to each other in person. They just talk through mails.

Looking forward to the rest of the blog series.

Akka Streams & Http 0.7 released!

Head over to to read all about the latest Akka Streams (early preview) release! This release is mostly focused around the completely new (and we think pretty awesome) Flow and FlowGraph APIs as well as bringing Spray’s routing DSL into akka-http.

Read more here: Akka Streams & Http 0.7 released at

"Event sourcing and external service integration" sample ported to Akka Persistence

Last year Martin Krasser published a very nice blog post titled “Event sourcing and external service integration" using the Eventsourced library. Since then Eventsourced has evolved into Akka Persistence and introduced new abstractions to make building event sourced applications even easier.

Recently on the akka-user mailing list Iain Hull has posted that he took upon himself the exercise of translating that sample application into current-day Akka Persistence. We hope this sample code will prove useful if you’re just starting with akka-persistence and would like to see a nice sample application.

Akka Persistence on the Query Side: The Conclusion

Hello hAkkers. Today let’s try something new. More regularly than not an interesting discussion is held in the akka-user mailing list. Some discussions reveal new insights or present already known facts in a summarized and easier to grok fashion. Therefore it seems to be a good idea to highlight these topics here.

Today we would like to highlight Akka Persistence on the Query Side: The Conclusion which is a wrapped up version of Improving Akka Persistence wrt CQRS/ES/DDD and Event Stores for Akka Persistence for CQRS? threads.

We hope you find these topics interesting.

Akka Cluster with Docker containers

An informative article that discusses running Akka applications inside Docker containers by @muuki88

Ask, Tell and Per-Request Actors

Very instructive post by Ian Forsey showing the differences between designing around the ask pattern and using ordinary actor tells:

Running an Akka cluster in an EC2 Autoscaling Group

Informative and thorough step by step instructions on how to run an autoscaling #akka cluster on EC2 by @chrisloy

Advanced Reactive Programming with Akka and Scala (Monitoring & Sharding)

After getting acquainted with Akka in our first Akka lab, we – @RoadRunner12048 and @dmitterd – wanted to try monitoring an Akka application to get a better understanding of its dynamic behavior. Additionally, we wanted to play with clustering support. We used a very rough Stock trading simulation and a Ping-Pong application that we’ve both implemented in the first lab as subject for our experiments.

Read the second blog from our akka lab here…

Akka pub/sub extension for RTI Connext DDS

Blog post by by Gianpiero Napoli describing an Akka DDS Extension that allows efficient one­-to-­many communication through the PUB/SUB Model offered by DDS.